Could a new driveway add value to your home?


Deciding whether to invest in a new driveway can be a big decision for home-owners

None of us like spending money, however could investing in a new driveway be a good investment? For some it may feel a waste of money and they would prefer to spend the investment on the inside of the property rather than the outside.

However, over recent years investing in driveways has proved to be very popular for more than one reason. So what are the reasons many home-owners are choosing to invest their hard earned money in new driveways?


Reasons people often invest in new driveways

1) First impressions – When it comes to having guests or friends arrive at your property or when you come to sell a property. The first people often see is your driveway, if the driveway is in poor condition it can often put potential views off before they have walked through the front door.  Even if you are not selling by installing a new driveway can give visitors a good first impression of your home.

2) Extra parking spaces – With parking being very tight in a lot of areas, and more and more cars being on the road. Often parking can be a big issue for a lot of families.  Many people have installed new driveways and extended the length or width of their current one to help provide more spaces. Front gardens have been turned into driveways to get more cars off the street. Again this can be a big factor when it comes to selling your home, having more parking spaces. For example a four bedroom detached house may only have one parking space. Most families will probably have more than one car, especially if they are requiring 4 bedrooms. By creating extra parking spaces can open your marketplace up to more potential buyers when selling your property.

3) Renting driveways – The third reason, especially if you live in the Cities is that you could be renting out your driveway to commuters. This is a new craze which we have seen get more and more popular. Just Park is a website which is for commuters and people advertising the rental of their driveway. A lot of home-owners are cashing in on un-used spaces on their driveways. You can find out more about this scheme on their website.

How can we help at N & P Paving & Driveways?

Here a N & P we have years of experience in creating beautiful driveways in the North East. We have a great eye for detail when it comes to maximizing the space available. Whether you are looking for a single driveway with a pathway and steps creating, a double driveway or a driveway for six cars plus. Our team can create beautiful paved driveways that will make your property get noticed.

If you would like to find out more about our services and see some of our work, please visit our dedicated driveways page.