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Driveways Gateshead – Which type should I choose?

Driveways Gateshead, with many different types of driveways on the market and a vast amount of driveway companies to choose from. When it comes to having a new driveway installed it can be quite time-consuming.

At N & P Paving and Driveways we want to make choosing a driveway as little hassle and time consuming as possible for our customers. We believe in offering a good price, quality workmanship and guidance on the right driveway to suit your requirements.

In this article, we give a few pointers and plus points for choosing N & P Paving and Driveways for your Driveway installation.

Furthermore, we have written this article to help give our customers a better understanding of the different type of driveways we install in Gateshead and the surrounding areas of the North East.

Beamish Cobbles For Driveways in Gateshead

block-paving-washington-cobblesCertainly one of the North Easts favourites. Over the years we have carried out numerous projects in Gateshead, and other areas around the North East with Beamish Cobbles. These projects can be viewed by prospective customers subject to the owners’ consent. At N & P, we love the Beamish cobbled driveways, they always look stunning once complete giving an authentic cobbled appearance.

Whether your property is modern or old this type of paving for driveways never seems to date.

For your information, beamish cobbles come in four different colours, which is great for tying in with different coloured brickwork.

  • Harvest Beamish Cobbles
  • Burnt Ember Beamish Cobbles
  • Stone Beamish Cobbles
  • Brindle Beamish Cobbles

This type of paving offers exceptional value for money, especially if you are looking for something a bit different with a genuine cobbled appearance.

Traditional Block Paving 

block_paving_driveway_greyWith traditional block paving comes also an extensive choice of different brands, colours and styles. One of the advantages is we are not tied to any one company, therefore we can supply and install block paving from many leading manufacturers. Block paving is not only used in driveway areas it is also often used to create patios, pathways and steps.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete 

Driveways_North_EastPattern Imprinted Concrete is a method of stamping the surface of the ready mixed concrete. You can create various different looks using this stamping method, a look of cobbles, slate, bricks, tiles or even stone.

With Pattern imprinted concrete there is a wide choice of colours to choose from, we find this type of paving is popular for driveways due to it requiring very little maintenance.

If you are looking for a hassle-free driveway, then this could be a more suitable option for you. However, they are certain properties we would not recommend this type of driveway for, therefore it’s always best to have a survey carried out first.

The Traditional Tarmac Installation vs Patterned Concrete

The issue with traditional tarmac is it can often melt in hot weather conditions. With the pattern imprinted concrete the product is specially hardened and has a resilient surface. The pattern is permanent and colouring used which does not fade, slip or break up. In turn, this helps offer a larger life span.

Permeable Driveways Gateshead

Permeable driveways allow the water to disperse in the area it falls. Extra drainage systems do not need to be added for this type of block paving. In areas with severe flooding, Permeable driveways can be the ideal solution.

Furthermore, over the years this product has developed, we have seen a much larger choice available to customers for this type of driveway than previous years.

Why not call us to discuss your driveways project in Gateshead?

Finally, with many different things to consider for your driveway, such as the various manufacturers, guarantees, prices and companies to choose from it can be a lot to think about.

Let us take away a lot of that stress, by advising you on the best products to suit your driveway. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and have a great eye for detail. Along with our extensive knowledge and a wide range of products to choose from, we can offer you the various options for your driveway installation, saving you time and effort.

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The huge choice of paving companies



Getting the right paving company for your installation is as important as choosing the right product.

At N & P, none of our work is sub-contracted, all the work is carried out by our own team who are both professional and reliable with years of experience in this industry.  They are many paving companies which subcontract their work, this is something we pride ourselves on having our own team of pavers who we can rely on.

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