Beautiful driveways the ultimate makeover


Driveways the ultimate makeover 

Driveways can make a huge difference to your front garden and the appearance of your home. In this current market, there are some fantastic products and designs to choose from when it comes to driveways.

However, it’s not just installing driveways at your property that can make an overall difference.

Our team can create beautiful pathways leading from your driveway, steps, garden walls, fencing. We can even re-turf your front garden to level it out with your driveway if required.

This service can give a dramatic makeover to your front garden area. When people approach your property driveways are the first thing most people see.



Thinking about moving home?

Are you thinking about moving home? Is your property looked old and dated on the outside? This is the first thing prospective buyers will see when coming to look at your property.

Having a beautiful driveway and front area can make all the difference to those first impressions.

Often it can be worth investing some money before marketing your property. This can help make it more appealing to prospective purchasers.

Parking an issue?

If parking is an issue where you live and you have the room for a front driveway. By having a driveway installed can be a plus point for your property.

With more and more cars on the road, often buyers need parking space for their vehicles. When selling your property think who your prospective buyers may be. For example are they typically families that will have more than one car etc?

Planning Driveways 

When it comes to planning driveways. It is not just the colours and patterns on driveways to consider. It’s it possible to make your driveway wider for the future for more cars. The layout and design, do the colours match the brickwork of your property? What about the surroundings? Would your old and tired garden wall with loose bricks look good against your new driveway?

At N & P Paving and Driveways, we take all this into consideration and will help advise you. Our team can build garden walls, install fencing, turfing and create beautiful pathways. Helping make your overall project look complete with the WOW factor.

Considering a new driveway?

If you are considering a new driveway, give us a call for a free no obligation quotation. We will be happy to come out and talk to you about your project.

Find out more about the different types of driveways we install 

You can find out our driveway installations on the dedicated page. 

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