Block Paving North East – Looking after your investment


Block Paving Driveways can be a big investment for your home

Maintain the block paving after it has been installed can help it last for years to come.


At N & P we want our customers block paving and driveways to last for many years We get a lot of repeat work from customers moving home or recommending us to family or friends.

We have put together a few tips for looking after your block paving of your driveway or patio.

1) After the first few weeks of having it laid, the joints between the block paving can become porous, and rain water can often flush some of the sand out of the paving, especially when it comes to sloping driveways. We advise that you top up the joints with sand to help prevent any damage.

2) Each year at the beginning of Spring, with a stiff broom and a good detergent and clean the driveway.

3) If you are using power washing,  make sure the direction of the water is angled at no more than 30 degrees to the paved area. Spray diagonally across the joints of the block paving, making sure you use no more than a medium pressure , otherwise you can mark the surface.

4) With cleaning products, always ensure they are rinsed throughly from the surface. Channel them towards your drainage points, once you have finished check over your driveway throughly. If there is any breaking up of the joints between the paving, make sure you re sand the joints.

Keeping your block paving in good condition will help prolong its lifespan. If you require any further information on looking after your driveway or patio which we have installed, please give us a call.

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