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Driveways Newcastle – Which type should I choose?

Driveways Newcastle. Confused with the different types of driveways on the market today in Newcastle? Confused with which driveway company in Newcastle to choose?

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The overall choice is yours but we hope this article gives you a few pointers and plus points for choosing N & P Paving for your installation.

Firstly our team are always here to advise our customers on the best type of driveway to suit their individual needs.

This article has been written to help give you an understanding, to some of the different types of driveways we install in and around Newcastle.

Beamish Cobbled Driveways

This has to be one of the North East personal favourites. We have numerous projects in Newcastle and the surrounding areas which can be viewed. (Subject to the owner’s consent)

Beamish Cobble’s driveways always look stunning once complete, it is certainly one of our personal favourites.

The Beamish Cobbles is local to the North East come in 4 different colours. Which is great when you are trying to match up the cobbles with your brickwork.

The colours are:

  • Harvest Beamish Cobbles
  • Burnt Ember Beamish Cobbles
  • Stone Beamish Cobbles
  • Brindle Beamish Cobbles

Beamish Cobbles can fit in with your home if it is both modern or traditional. They offer exceptional value for those who prefer something a little different and special for their patio or driveway. The overall effect that the Beamish Cobbles gives is that of genuine cobbled appearance.

Traditional Block Paving 

When it comes to traditional block paving driveways there is an extensive choice out there on the market. We can offer a huge choice of block paving from leading manufacturers. Block paving is often used both on driveways and to create patio areas, pathways and steps.

We have carried out quite a few projects with schools over the years. We have made feature areas within the schools using block paving. You can be quite creative with block paving and there is a huge choice of different colours and designs on the market.

We would be happy to come along and show you some of the examples of the different products on offer for your  block paving project.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete 

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is a method of stamping the surface of ready mixed concrete to give a look of cobbles, slate, tiles, stone or brick.

There is a huge choice of colours to choose from in various different styles. Pattern Imprinted Concrete is quite popular as it requires very low maintenance.

If you are looking for a low maintenance option then a pattern imprinted concrete driveway could well be an option for you.

Often we get customers who are just after a hassle-free driveway. We find under these circumstances Pattern Imprinted Concrete driveways are then often the preferred choice.

With Traditional Tarmac driveways they can often melt in hot weather and it is never permanent where it is laid.

The advantage of the pattern imprinted concrete driveways is they offer a specially hardened and resilient surface. This is laid with a permanent pattern and colour that does not fade, slip or break up. This helps make it low maintenance with a long life span.

Permeable Driveways Newcastle

The advantage of permeable block paving driveways is they allow the water to disperse in the area which it falls.

There is no need to add in extra drainage systems for this type of block paving.

With the problems with flooding in certain areas, we are finding that the Permeable driveways are becoming more and more popular.

As this product has got more popular over the years, we have seen a much bigger choice of products in the marketplace for people to choose from.

Why not call us to discuss your Newcastle project

We would love to hear from you and would be happy to discuss the various options available to you for your forthcoming driveways project.

There are many other things to consider such as; different manufacturers guarantees and prices of the different products etc.

We can come out and advise you on the best options for your driveway saving you time and effort.

You can find all our details on the contact us page

Choosing the right Paving Company for your driveway

Choosing the right paving company is equally as important when it comes to the installation of your driveway. We have been trading for over 19 years in the Newcastle and surrounding areas. We don’t sub-contract and we certainly intend to be around for many years to come. Many paving companies use sub-contractors we prefer to use our own team who are both professional and reliable. How long a company has being trading to us is equally important when you are looking to have a new driveway installation. Find out more about us on our dedicated driveways page 

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