Choosing a great team of pavers in Newcastle


Why is it important to choose a good team of pavers for your driveway or patio project?


Getting a good team of pavers for your patio or driveway project is essential for the overall lasting effect. Quality of workmanship is also essential for the overall lifespan of the project. Another important thing is to ensure that you are choosing a company who have being in business for awhile. The last thing you need is to have issues a year down the line and the company no longer exists. Choosing good quality pavers in this current climate is essential.

Thats why at N and P Paving and Driveways we only use our own pavers. We do not sub contract our work, we have a dedicated workforce who have worked with us for many years. Established now over 18 years, we have built up a great reputation in both the Newcastle and Gateshead areas.

Our team of pavers are dedicated to both carrying out a quality job, whilst doing their best to stick to deadlines. Working with both the residential and commercial marketplaces, our team have a variety of skills when it comes to different types of paving projects.

Choosing the right type of paving 

When it comes to the paving of your patio or driveway. We believe in giving our customers a great choice, unlike many other companies we are not tied to one supplier. Therefore we can offer a great choice when it comes to paving products.

Great eye for detail 

With years of experience in both the residential and commercial marketplaces. Our team of pavers have a good eye for detail, we can help advise you on the right paving for your project to tie in with the surroundings.

Extra finishing touches

When it comes to making a patio or driveway project extra special. We can add both edging, kerbs, paths, inset manhole covers to complement the surrounding paving work. We can also create garden walls and erect fencing around the area.

What do our customers think of our service?

We have a few testimonials on our website from genuine customers. However, we are happy for new customers to speak to customers also who have had work carried out by ourselves. As long as the customers have given their permission for us to pass on their numbers.

Our team of pavers will do their utmost once the work has began to meet any deadlines set at the start of the project. We aim to leave your property clean and tidy with an end result you will be proud of.

Free quotation 

We offer customers a free no obligation quotation. Call for a quotation today.

How do i find out more about your services?

You can find out more on our dedicated page about our services  Find out more 

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