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Artificial Grass Project in Gateshead

Recent artificial grass project in Windy Nook Gateshead.

Many people are turning to artificial grass now as an easy low maintenance solution for their gardens. Often over the winter months, lawns are left neglected and the heavy rain can turn into mud leaving your garden looking untidy.

As the summer is fast approaching many people are wanting to change their turf to a low maintenance solution. No more mowing or weeding lawns in the summer months. Plus no more muddy foot and paw prints over the winter months, just a healthy looking lawn all year round.

Furthermore, if you are a dog owner, this type of grass can be a good investment. Especially if your dog loves to dig up the garden, fake grass is not that hard to keep clean and sterile. With no more muddy foot paw prints, the artificial grass is even becoming more popular in kennels.

This season friendly grass, looks great at any time of year, with no watering or patches just a healthy-looking lawn.

Development of Artificial grass over the years

Artificial grass has developed quite a lot over the years, with multiple shades of colours available, different pile heights and authentic looking lawns. Whether you are looking for a roof-top lawn or replacing a large garden lawn they are multiple choices available.

The grass is heat resistant, therefore it will continue to look good whatever the weather.

Other benefits are;

  • No need to buy more lawnmowers
  • ¬†Fertilizer or seed no longer needs purchasing
  • Hired help is no longer required to keep your natural turf looking good

When you consider the costs and time involved with keeping a natural lawn looking good, an artificial one can certainly be a good option.

Finally, if you would like a quotation for your artificial grass project please give us a call.

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