Choosing the right block paving for your driveway or patio


How to choose the right type of block paving for your driveway or patio area

When it comes to choosing block paving for your driveway or patio area, it is important to consider a few of the following things for your project.

Getting the right colour for your driveway or patio area

It is important that you choose a colour for the project which will enhance your existing property and its surroundings. By choosing a contrasting colour can make all the difference to the overall look. Our team of Pavers have been installing patios and driveways now in the North East for over 18 years, we can certainly advise customers on the right colours of block paving to suit their property.


Choosing your style of paving 

There is a huge choice of block paving on the market today with many different styles, colours and textures. Getting the right style and look of paving is also important, whether that is traditional blocks, cobbled paving, smooth or using a permeable option. This really depends on your individual needs and requirements.

Looking at the long term value 

When choosing your paving remember the long term value especially if you are extending a driveway or enhancing and outdoor area. The resell value of your home could increase with a new driveway making it more appealing to potential buyers. Increasing the size of your driveway makes it a bigger asset for the future with households having more and more cars, extra driveway space is becoming more and more of a added selling point for your property.

Mixing your sizes of block paving 

We can use random shades and sizes of block paving and patio paving to make your style more unique. Now a days a lot of the manufacturers produce paving in different sizes so we can create more eye catching designs for your outdoor area.

Edging, Curves, Manhole Covers 

Edging, curves, paved manhole covers and curved edges can make all the difference to your project adding those finishing touches. Edging can be in a different shade to complement the patio or driveway giving it a more designer finish.

Natural Stone Patio Flagstones 

As well as traditional paving, we install natural stone, the natural stone patio flagstones offer unique tones and colours for your paved area making it more appealing to the eye.

Overtime Natural Stone tends to retain its look and can often be a good investment when looking to create a beautiful patio area for your home.

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