Pattern imprinted concrete for driveways or block paving?


Block Paving or Pattern Imprinted Concrete

When it comes to choosing new driveways, there are many options available, in this article we look at the choice between pattern imprinted concrete and block paving.

So lets take a look at these two options for your driveway installation

Block Paving


Block paving has been popular since the late 70s for driveways. In the 70s however, the choice of block paving was rather limited and there was certainly not the choice we have available today. Designs, textures, materials, and colours the range has expanded immensely over the years.

Block paving can offer a long-lasting finish to complement the exterior of your home. There is a huge choice of colours, styles and textures available in the marketplace.

Block paving is also an extremely durable product and should last for many years combined with the right maintenance.

If an area needs to be uplifted for access to services this can often be re-laid with not too much fuss. There are also permeable options available, which require no additional drainage to comply with the new planning regulations, which relate to the surfacing of front gardens.

When it comes to installing block paving sinking and movement can occur, especially if the right sub base has not been used. Therefore, when choosing an installer it is important that you are going with a reputable company.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete


Pattern imprinted concrete, is quite a new product to the driveways scene.

This new comer is made up of a layer of concrete, which is poured on to a suitable sub-base. After the colour has been chosen this is added with the hardener to the concrete. While the concrete is wet a patterned matt is applied to give the desired effect. There is a wide choice of colours and designs available from stone designs, to brickwork and textured stones to give a more interesting finish.

A major benefit of pattern-imprinted concrete is you can cover a large area fairly quickly. The downside is the aesthetics often don’t look as good as the block paving due to the use of patterned Matts.

Extra consideration needs to be considered if access is required for underground pipes etc. If this were the case a part of the patterned imprinted concrete would need to be removed and re-patched. This could lead to issues matching the original colour and surface.

After the pattern imprinted concrete is laid, a sealant is applied to help protect the colour, and this should be reapplied every 2 to 4 years. The sealant can make the patterned concrete very slippery during icy winter conditions. Especially with the elderly or young children caution is required. Find out more 

Our team of Pavers in Newcastle and Gateshead

Our pavers have laid many driveways in Newcastle, Gateshead and throughout the North East over the years. Whether that is in both block paving or pattern imprinted concrete designs.

We find it’s a customer preference as to which product is best for them, both can have the pro’s and con’s.

We would be happy to advise you on the best product for your own properties individual requirements. Call us today for a free no obligation for your driveway installation.

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