Driveway projects – planning in advance


Planning your driveway project in the North East

Driveway projects in the North East. Make sure you get the right shopping list


When you are having a Patio, Driveway or Paving installed is a major project. Therefore should ensure just like any other major building work, that it is carried out by trusted, reliable contractors.

Below are some of the important factors we feel you should consider, when choosing a driveway company.

Plan ahead 

Reputable installers are usually in demand and you have to book work often in advance.

Get more than one quotation 

Make sure you get more than one quotation and ensure it is a written one before work is carried out. This way you know exactly what you have agreed with the contractor, so they are no misunderstandings later during the project.

Quotes should be a like for like, other companies may seem cheaper but you need to make sure both quotes are offering the same quality product.

Using sub contractors 

Ideally go for a driveway company with their own workforce and not sub contractors.


Drainage is important to ensure your driveway project meets with current legislations. Make sure your paving contractor tells you about this


Ask for details of guarantees for your chosen paving for the driveway


Agree any payment programmes at the start before work on the driveway has started. Don’t pay the project balance until the work is finished.

Finally, we have all heard this said on the TV before, but be aware of paving contractors asking for the full amount upfront.

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