Driveways & garages get funding for charging points.

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Driveways, garages charging points

Charging points for driveways and garages in the North East.

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When it comes to installing charging points for electric vehicles. The government has announced that it will cover up to 75% of the cost.

However, drivers that have off-street parking / driveways , who want to install the facility are expected to cover the remaining 25%.

Ministers also want the councils to install more on-street charging points.

During a visit to Sunderland in the North East.  Mr McLoughlin said: “Plug-in vehicles can help the consumer by offering a good driving experience and low running costs. They can help the environment by cutting pollution.

“Athey can help the British economy by creating skilled manufacturing jobs in a market that is bound to get bigger.”

The government estimates the cost will be between about £1,000 and £1,500 for drivers with off-street parking. To have the charging points installed in their garages or driveways.

The funding will be up to 75% of this cost, up to a maximum contribution of £1,000.

The Department for Transport spokesman said.”We believe that 75% is the appropriate level to offer to incentivise vehicle owners and local authorities to invest.”

Business Minister Michael Fallon added: “There are huge business opportunities, so we’re committed to ensuring the UK leads the way globally for low-carbon vehicles.”

We see this as a great way of helping pollution, also helping motorists with their fuel costs. Who would have thought it years ago, we would be installing driveways  that had electric points to charge up your car.

It shows how quickly things can evolve and move on over the years.

Being in the driveway industry. We are looking forward to seeing how things progress with the new incentive.

This is a big help towards the cost for them to be installed on driveways

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