Driveways – Clearing Snow


Keeping your driveways clear of snow in the winter months Keeping driveways clear of snow in the winter can not always be the easiest task.  After we have installed you a beautiful driveway, it can soon be all covered in snow once the winter weather arrives. Here are a few tips on keeping your driveways

Driveways Using Thomas Armstrongs Block Paving


Installing driveways using Thomas Armstrong’s block paving products When it comes to installing driveways. N & P Paving and Driveways work with various leading brands including Thomas Armstrong. Here is an insight into some of the various types of paving available using the Thomas Armstrong’s block paving. Below are a few of the most common

Choosing Driveways in Newcastle


Things to consider when considering new driveways When it comes to driveways, this is often the most overlooked feature of your home. Yet driveways are one of the most important. We have all heard of the saying first impressions count! Well, the first thing visitors see at your property is often the driveway. The grand

Driveways news – renting your driveway


Renting out your driveway can receive as much as £2500 a year Driveway renting incomes of as much as £2500 per year are been received by some homeowners. Average homeowners could earn £1,000 a year renting their driveway to strangers. The figures were released on the 20th August 2013, on the back of the announcement from

Driveways – Choosing the right product


Driveways The Various Options Available Driveways – the ultimate choice  Overview Of The Solid Materials Available For Driveways Solid finishes for your driveway can come in options such as; Patterned Concrete Driveways Stone Paving Cobbled Paving Permeable Paving Block Paving. The other option you may way want to consider when it comes to driveways is

Paving the way in Newcastle


Block Paving is still as popular as it used to be in Newcastle Block paving is still very popular with our customers in Newcastle and throughout the North East. We have seen the latest trends come in such as patterned concrete. However, traditional block paving is still leading the way with our customers. Moving on

Block Paving Driveways- Enhance Your Home


Block Paving – Are you Looking for a Good Investment? Block paving driveways are a great investment for your property. Are you looking to sell your house? Block paving driveways not only look great but instantly add value to your home. The outside of your property is the first thing buyers judge your house on. It

Driveways- Ultimate Makeover


Driveways Can Improve Your Home Driveways can create space and instantly make the outside of your property look tidy and modern. First impressions count and when visitors see a brand new driveway, they will be impressed! Is the outside of your property looking tired and dated? Do you want some extra space to park your

Block Paving Your Patio


Block paving in the North East by N & P Now a days more people are choosing block paving for their patio area. With a huge choice of block paving products now on the market. A good paving company can create beautiful designs and colours within your garden area. Block paving is available in a

Block paving driveways project in gateshead


Driveways block paving – recently completed in Gateshead, North East Block paving can really make your home stand out from the other properties around it. Take a look at this recent project we completed in Gateshead just outside of Newcastle, North East England. This property really stands out from the surrounding properties, by adding a